Carver Go West

How far can we go and get home on a single charge?

This weekend we decided to “go for a quick drive, and be back around noon to take a nap”. Predictably, it turned into a large-scale adventure of the best sort. In order to test how far the Carver can go and get back home without being charged, we decided to “go West” until the battery hits 60% (more than half left, to give us enough buffer) before turning back home. We were hoping to get to Lomba da Maia to walk to the Praia da Viola, the beach that made us fall in love with the Azores.

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My Carver, my Azores

Quick stop at the Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeirões

The Carver finally arrived, getting it shipped was a mission, probably availability related, and finding the right company. Seems like shipping things under 30kg is easy, and an entire car or container is easy, but the middle bit is a challenge, somehow. We ended up with Bentrans, and I recommend them. I bought this Base model (max 45kph) second-hand from Living Plus and Pedro is just great. We’re still deciding if I will upgrade to the faster S+ (max 90kph) and then either return or sell this one, but honestly the Base is doing just fine on these twisty roads.

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Business idea: True zero-emission, sustainable Atlantic seafare for livestock, passengers and freight.

There is a gap in the market for sustainable sea travel stopping in the Azores. Yachts are slow and uncomfortable on high seas, and cruise ships are too big, environmentally unfriendly and on set routes. Cargo ships are not often available to passengers and the welfare of livestock on these ships are uncertain. This business idea is tailored for commuter travel of especially remote workers, and specialised livestock travelling on the East Coast of USA – Azores – Europe trade route. It caters to discerning clients who wish to travel more sustainably, as well as clients who have their animals’ welfare top of mind.

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What determines how much you are willing to pay for something?

Musings on my Carver.

I already bought the Carver, I’m waiting for it to be delivered. I bought it with my own money so this is not a paid review or earned commission or anything like that. If anything, it’s justifying the purchase after the fact, because it is a whole lot of money for a tiny slip of a thing.

That’s my buddy! (the vehicle) exhibited by LivingPlus, based in Cascais, outside Lisbon, Portugal.
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