Merah Mas Industrial Biotech

Merah Mas Industrial Biotech is a registered CC: 2007/249193/23. Because I found the name quite clumsy I use indiebio as the company’s name.

Focus: Beneficiation in the context of diffuse pollution. This concept originated with my work in wastewater biorefineries and is continuing with a focus on sanitation – particularly dry sanitation. With the move towards  value from sanitation I incorporate the definition of environmental sanitation which includes an integrated solid waste management strategy.

Globally, we are moving more towards a bioeconomy, or bio-based economy. Biological processes fundamentally happen in water, and as such this global move is impacting water use significantly. We have identified wastewater as the most critical bottleneck in making a bioeconomy function sustainably, and thus we are working towards turning wastewater into an opportunity.

Supplementing other technology based processes that focus on a specific product or technology using wastewater, we look at the engineering behind what is required to make this bioproduction happen. We‘ve named this concept ‘wastewater biorefineries’. As such, we work as consulting partners with existing technologies and companies to make the concept of a circular economy a reality.

Back home, we have identified two additional challenges: the poor public perception of waste and science, and a lack of appropriate process control and analysis tools. Merah Mas addresses these challenges through two developments: Adventure Sport & Science Tourism (ASST, or IndieBio Events) and ShackLabs.

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