Interfaces, spaces between. Opportunist, post-environmentalist. Bioprocess engineer.

My current interests: fringe biotech, data visualisation and geospatial, 3D pretty things (very much still learning), web3.0 and the metaverse, decentralisation, FOSS (free and open source software).

I am currently working towards being able to visualise urban flows as a service, and scientific visualisations and animations more generally. Mappy stuff and sciencey stuff for non-professionals.

I would also like to get back into biotech, but my confidence is so low after the PhD and taking 4 years off that I think I’ll join a company from the bottom, go through the trainee process and work my way up to project manager, which I seem to be good at. I am good at bringing technical and non-technical people together. Ultimately I should start my own biotech company.

At the moment I am working through an Interactive Data Visualisation book, a Discover QGIS book for geospatial visualisation, and working on creating an open metaverse based on OpenStreetMap, from an idea I first presented in 2019 (video: the metaverse, gaming and the metabolism of cities)

I’ve done a Blender course but I think I’ve forgotten most of it again, and then I’m doing occasional programming courses when D3’s Javascript gets me under 😉

I am available for work – full time if in the above areas, and would prefer entry-level to get (back) into the swing of things, and part-time, contract work for professional writing and the like.

Biotechnology – a divergent interest of ecologically driven processes, think wastewater treatment, value-driven sanitation and permaculture, while revisiting wildly synthetic biology to create things like, I dunno, bio-identical beautiful huge mother-of-pearl tiles,  and genetically engineered guinea pigs and horses (to get the colours and coat characteristics without the inbreeding and many unwanted animals in between).

Visualisations I am very very new to this. so new that even this about page about it is in draft.

data visualisation – d3 on Observable.

3D geospatial assets for the metaverse

game design

Web3.0, blockchain, the metaverse…

I am a pragmatic FOSSer. I try to use open source products where I can – my computer runs Ubuntu, I use Blender, Inkscape, TeXstudio, and will  generally try the open source alternative first, but in my opinion, a good closed product beats a bad FOSS product. I’m not going to use poorly designed or user unfriendly products just because they’re FOSS. Conversely that also means that I genuinely think Ubuntu and Blender and Inkscape are the best products of their kind! On the other hand, I think Microsoft products in general are shit and I won’t use them, don’t even try make me.

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