Riga, Latvia, November 2023

Graham and I went to Riga for an Ubuntu Community Summit on the weekend, and then I did the housewife in luxury thing while he was attending an engineering sprint during the week. My notes on the summit content is in a separate post.

View from our room. The image does not do the golden dome and golden autumn leaves justice.

Riga is a beautiful city, I think Latvians put Italians to shame when it comes to style (hot take) but Latvia is also very flat and the clouds moved in for winter and I think they’ll only see sun again in many many months.

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My Carver, my Azores

Quick stop at the Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeirões

The Carver finally arrived, getting it shipped was a mission, probably availability related, and finding the right company. Seems like shipping things under 30kg is easy, and an entire car or container is easy, but the middle bit is a challenge, somehow. We ended up with Bentrans, and I recommend them. I bought this Base model (max 45kph) second-hand from Living Plus and Pedro is just great. We’re still deciding if I will upgrade to the faster S+ (max 90kph) and then either return or sell this one, but honestly the Base is doing just fine on these twisty roads.

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