Walking copper equine statues and a treasure hunter

A delightful dream I had on 23 September 2022.

I’m on anti-anxiety medication (Setraline 50mg daily, not much but it keeps me from sliding into non-functionality), and I don’t know if it’s the meds or a healthy imagination but I have amazing dreams! Complete plots, like a movie, start to finish, mostly hanging together and mostly just really nice, not confusing or scary. They’re so cool I thought I should try document some of them, so here goes.

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* just toying with words, indie equus, indiebio + equus … this post is about horsey games.

I’m doing this serious game thing, but I also have to confess my love of match 3, especially PlayRix‘s games. And merge games (Merge Dragons!) and 2048 games that are pretty, like NLabSoft’s Age of 2048. And clicker games, like Abyssrium Tap Tap Fish. I particularly like the low poly designs. I also love horses, and have played many of the horsey games but they get a bit annoying. I would like a horsey game that’s like an aquarium game, or a kitten game. You don’t expect fishes or kittens to do stuff, you can just watch and enjoy them. So I want to make my own horsey games, starting with a reimagining of PlayRix’s Wildscapes game, with horses.

This post is supposed to track my progress, and throw it out to the interwebs in case people can help. Things I think I need to master to get there:

  • Graphics – background and moveable items
  • Short animations on home screen
  • Match 3 dynamics
  • How to get an app into the Android store (I’m only interested in mobile, on Android.)
  • Payment options? (I’m not bothered about payment, but if the effort to get the payment options in there is low, then why not)
  • Is it possible to hack / reverse engineer a game like Wildscapes and then put one’s own graphics in? Would that be a bad thing?
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