Garden and home inspiration

Some notes as I psych up to start renovating.

Main garden

I found this image and like the overall shape of it. I’m thinking the purple areas can be more structured garden, the dark lines are the walkways, and the green is meadow. The house is at the bottom border of the image. The nice thing is that the upstairs room has a good view overlooking the garden, so the overall image could possibly be seen. It will probably not work out that way, but it’s good inspiration.

This is apparently an abstract nude by Daniel Santisteban but I can’t find it again.


This tranquil space was at the Alhambra. I would like to do something like this … perhaps at the back garden bordering the house?

Lounge / staircase atrium

We currently have a tiny narrow staircase, in the kitchen. It sucks as a staircase, and it takes space away from an already small kitchen. At the same time we don’t really use the lounge. Well, we don’t have a couch yet so that may change, but I’m thinking of splitting the room Graham currently uses as his office into his office as well as a home theatre sort of thing, and the couch can go in there. This room can then be soundproof, so he can play games in there. The mere idea of a TV irritates me, I hate the noise, but it’s unfair to limit his screen-time, so a sound-proof room sounds like a good idea. Anyway, that frees the lounge up to get a monster staircase that is built to incorporate animal hidey holes, casual seating, and lots of light and plants.


I want bold, playful art. At first I was thinking of painting or wallpapering the walls directly, but perhaps having removable things is more sensible.


In my continuing obsession with papercraft, this paragami site was an epic find! I just don’t know which design I want.

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