Riga, Latvia, November 2023

Graham and I went to Riga for an Ubuntu Community Summit on the weekend, and then I did the housewife in luxury thing while he was attending an engineering sprint during the week. My notes on the summit content is in a separate post.

View from our room. The image does not do the golden dome and golden autumn leaves justice.

Riga is a beautiful city, I think Latvians put Italians to shame when it comes to style (hot take) but Latvia is also very flat and the clouds moved in for winter and I think they’ll only see sun again in many many months.

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Notes from Naomi Klein’s Doppelganger

I mangle the quotes to tell me story. The gist is a true reflection but it’s not the exact words.

p4 – Both “our” world and the “mirror world” – the world of the conspiracy theorists, agree that post-shock states of discombobulation have been opportunistically exploited in many different contexts. Both groups have a (p24) skepticism of elite power. p53 – The words the mirror world use are essentially fantasy. But emotionally, to many people they clearly feel true. And the reason they feel true is that we are indeed living through a revolution in surveillance tech, and state and corporate actors have indeed seized outrageous powers to monitor us, often in collaboration and coordination with one another. Moreover, as a culture, we have barely begun to reckon with the transformational nature of this shift.

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Travelling geek roadshow thing… idea

I’m attending a Debian Day in Lisbon, at the MILL – a makerspace in Lisbon. Organised by Diogo, a good friend, quality person and probably a decent reason why we settled on Portugal in the first place. Anyway, we stumbled upon future dreams and he mentioned he is planning to get a screen for his projector, and then he has everything to go on a roadshow to give talks and courses about software freedom and all things open source.

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