World-building the real world. Part 1: The (personal) WHY.

This post was inspired by Christoff Beddow’s post “From Map Making to World Building

The Snügl from peduncle.
Logo, and mascot.

I’ve been wracking my brain how to combat misinformation, how to get people to understand the incredibly (even to professionals) complex interplay of natural resource management, guiding people to take responsible action in the face of climate change, true sustainability, … I acknowledge, accept and embrace that it takes time. We need to complicate the narrative, give people time to play with the data in a way that is accessible, engaging, fun. But how?! I think 3D is critical, there is just too much to convey on a single plane. My short hand for what I want to create is the metaverse. Our working project name is peduncle, and Siri made a beautiful logo for it!

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Metaverse presentation at the CSIR conference

pdf: Bernelle_CSIR_Conference_2022.pdf

Carel spoke after me, and the Q&A was lively!

CSIR conference:

What would I want the CSIR to do with this information?

  1. Make your code open source.
  2. Contribute your data in 5 star format, using RDF (Resource Description Framework).
    An example of what this looks like:
  3. Forget about blockchain. Everything that blockchain promises to do can be done, and done better, without blockchain. Further, blockchain cannot even do most of the things that blockchain promises. Start your journey with SafeNet.
  4. Work with terria.js and Digital Earth Africa if you are not already.
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