Notes from Naomi Klein’s Doppelganger

I mangle the quotes to tell me story. The gist is a true reflection but it’s not the exact words.

p4 – Both “our” world and the “mirror world” – the world of the conspiracy theorists, agree that post-shock states of discombobulation have been opportunistically exploited in many different contexts. Both groups have a (p24) skepticism of elite power. p53 – The words the mirror world use are essentially fantasy. But emotionally, to many people they clearly feel true. And the reason they feel true is that we are indeed living through a revolution in surveillance tech, and state and corporate actors have indeed seized outrageous powers to monitor us, often in collaboration and coordination with one another. Moreover, as a culture, we have barely begun to reckon with the transformational nature of this shift.

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Connected data, connected people

In my previous post about the end of expertise, I made the point that the root concerns of conspiracy theorists are valid. The suspicion and mistrust of powerful players are valid. That, if governments and corporations are not going to make the actual shift then we need to make that shift. Everyday people must make that shift.

Here I want to add some comments about the role of structured data in making it easier to access relevant evidence, or supporting insights, and hence, maintaining accountability.

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Worldbuilding the real world: build good ruins – Part 1

Make good ruins –

The times are urgent, let us slow down – Bayo Akomolafe.

In this conversation he says “we have to find ways of listening to the world”. I agree, but find myself both intrigued and annoyed by the twee hippie hubris – “every moment is sacred”. One reason I’ve never been to, say, Africa Burn (or Burning Man, but I’m not in the US).

I don’t want this so-called modern hell-scape where we are caught in tiny gilded cages. But I don’t want the traditional, the indigenous, the primitive either. I want a transcendent middle, I want to find a middle ground that honours the scientific method, that has the tech uber-tools and toys, while catching the wonder of connecting with the earth. My current shorthand for this is tending seedlings to a kick-ass soundtrack.

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I’m toying with names for this “brand” I’m creating, and maybe something around a curious little beast, or pequinha fera curiosa (PFC) in Portuguese. Fera to link with feral, but also to alliterate with FOSS. The newspaper idea I still have in the back of my head has Curvy Cavy as working title, and our virtual world project is called peduncle, with a snail-type mascot, also a curious little beast. I, too, am a curious little beast.

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Raw highlights from Brett Scott: Cloudmoney: Why the War for Our Wallets Is a War for Our World

This is the field of politics, where we make impassioned pleas for the future we want, rather than settling on a future we deem likely.

transnational demands are harder.

Metaverse = ‘planetary system connecting all humans and machines into a global matrix’?

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Zandvlei, Demogarchy and Bitcoin

in draft.

I used to be on the Zandvlei Protected Areas Advisory Committee (ZPAAC) for a few years. We were a group of people, both volunteers, residents in the area, and City employees tasked with managing the estuary, or ‘vlei’ in Afrikaans, hence the name. It was heavily impacted by poor design and construction choices in the 60s, in the form of the Marina da Gama estate, primarily, but also inappropriate urban density upstream, both formal and informal (backyard dwellers upstream with insufficient service delivery, and not enough toilets). So it needed constant management – rewilding was simply not an option.

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