Travelling geek roadshow thing… idea

I’m attending a Debian Day in Lisbon, at the MILL – a makerspace in Lisbon. Organised by Diogo, a good friend, quality person and probably a decent reason why we settled on Portugal in the first place. Anyway, we stumbled upon future dreams and he mentioned he is planning to get a screen for his projector, and then he has everything to go on a roadshow to give talks and courses about software freedom and all things open source.

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Building a Community

I am moving to the Azores soon. I have recently moved to Portugal, I need new friends, and to be frank, the number of friends even in my previous home country has become critically low. I want to build new initiatives, possibly to also financially sustain me, but the main objective I have is to make new friends. (Post is still work-in-progress)

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Focus guild #9*: Digital unions / Democracy / Citizenship / Activism / Governance / Decision-making …

* I don’t know what to call this. Focus group, thematic bridging group, guild, subject matter expert group. For now, whatever. This is a place to collect the things, initiatives, groups, foundations, of this sortof grouping that could help the metaverse become a good thing. And I don’t know what to call this particular subcategory either. Ultimately, I hope that these groupings are useful enough to live on a wikipedia page or something, and if it exists already, hopefully I find out about it 🙂

The current list of groupings are:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Entertainment
  3. Education/Training
  4. Communications
  5. Commerce
  6. Health and Wellness
  7. Natural Resources, Geospatial
  8. Transport
  9. Digital unions / Democracy / Citizenship / Activism (this post)
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The slides for my talk at DebConf22:

Video recording:

Pdf of slides (18MB) :

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High temperature solar … sand bricks.

This started with a fascination with Markus Keyser’s solar sinter. After unsuccessfully trying to get a Fresnel lens cheaply, I gave up on this idea. It also just didn’t seem that easy to do; too much fiddling for a hobbyist. When I sniffed around his website some more, I got the feeling he felt the same way. Compare his more recent 3D glass printing which I think could be done by melting the sand with a solar thermal collector (more on this below), and then interestingly, when I found his thesis defence, his wider logic was particularly impressive.

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Science entertainment in Hopefield

‘Adventure Sport and Science Tourism’ was a point on my very first business card. I think I had something like the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory in mind, coupled with orienteering and adventure racing. Now I am thinking to have a ‘Science Barn’ where one can have Virtual or Augmented Reality events, and, you know, entertaining events that educate in the fields of STEM, with the Social Science angle ala STEMS2 . My problem is that although I can rationally assert that these are all very important, I get bored with these. They are not fun or extreme enough and actually, I don’t need to conform to a curriculum or whatnot. I also don’t want to invest in things that stand there gathering dust. Better to invest in things I’d use, but that can also be opened up to the public. So this post is a reminder of the stuff I’ve come across that I’d like to try out, and maybe it can generate excitement and income on the side.

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Sludge to resource workshop feedback

The past two weeks have been busy in the best way, but it means I’m behind on writing how it all fits together.

I attended a Sludge to Resource workshop in Durban, 23 – 24 October 2018. My write-up is available here (word doc) and I hope to pull some highlights into the post itself in due course. Some info, with some schedule changes:

My presentation here (pdf, 3MB)

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