talk at DebConf22, text and links will live here.

still building, a good draft should be available here around 20 July 2022. For now it’s just random ramblings.

I am trained as a bioprocess engineer, then did water-related research which spills over into urban metabolism, which I want to visualise in an interactive 3D sort of way (what I mean with the metaverse). Through my work in water sensitive city research I learnt about landscape architecture which I think is beautiful! and crucial with regards to our relationship with the urban environment and cities … and I would like to communicate that with the general public. For that I need a topographical digital twin earth simulation that is accessible to the everyday person and beautiful and fun to play with. And then my current business partner contacted me to do some writing for him and then he decided to fund my day-to-day while I develop this, with the requirement that it needs to have relevance to e-commerce. So very random but I’m having a lot of fun!

My original idea was a game, but I think a platform is better:

I am now trying to prepare a talk about the standards and things that makes this efficient and interoperable for this year’s Debian conference: I don’t really know what I’m doing but this is so new that it doesn’t matter.

Side quest: Before I went down all sorts of rabbitholes, I was tasked to commission a building/headoffice “in the metaverse” which basically meant Decentraland. I was horrified because of the speculation and high price of land parcels there and the place is ugly, in my opinion. Then I thought to launch an architecture competition to improve this, but when I spoke to architects and designers and the polygon limitations came up and this frustrated me even more. So then I lost my temper and decided I’ll build a FOSS metaverse that has an e-commerce component. Then I found Vircadia but then I got distracted with low poly twin earth with topography and now I’m just all over the place. I still want to do the architecture competition but there’s lots of things that need to be in place for that to work properly – and that’s where the interoperability rabbithole started. This competition discussion has a discord: If there are similar initiatives out there please let me know?

Refining the game idea at DebConf19

The slide presentation using reveal.js for my talk is here:
The video recording of the talk (30 minutes) is available on the DebConf website:

After the talk I thought more about the privacy issue, and remembered a slightly different version of what I planned to do, that I revisit here. I think this is more achievable to start with, and possibly more elegant.

The complete setup of the game is like a macaron.

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Events: The metaverse, gaming and the metabolism of cities

The recent drought in Cape Town taught me that as experts, we are terrible at making complex things understandable to the public. We are terrible at giving good advice; simple, quick actions to take in a crisis, that we feel also helps with the big picture.

Worst of all we don’t contribute to the conversation that builds the trust that we need to draw from in times of crisis.

In an effort to find a way to do exactly that, I am trying to combine the joy of gaming, the beauty of information visualisation and the rigour of urban metabolism studies. Continue reading “Events: The metaverse, gaming and the metabolism of cities”

Braindump: Metaverse, gaming and metabolism of cities talk

As soon as my talk appointments solidified I froze up with writer’s block, and the, to me, massive challenge of learning all the stuff just to tell the story of what I want to do, nevermind doing it! For a start, I would like to give the talk in Javascript to make it interactive and allow better transfer between platforms (I think … html and all that??), which is enough of a challenge already. So, to help myself unclog, a dump of the rough notes I’ve been accumulating. This post will probably change often, but stay messy, and each talk will get its own dedicated post as the focus will be unique for each.

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