Focus guild #9*: Digital unions / Democracy / Citizenship / Activism / Governance / Decision-making …

* I don’t know what to call this. Focus group, thematic bridging group, guild, subject matter expert group. For now, whatever. This is a place to collect the things, initiatives, groups, foundations, of this sortof grouping that could help the metaverse become a good thing. And I don’t know what to call this particular subcategory either. Ultimately, I hope that these groupings are useful enough to live on a wikipedia page or something, and if it exists already, hopefully I find out about it 🙂

The current list of groupings are:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Entertainment
  3. Education/Training
  4. Communications
  5. Commerce
  6. Health and Wellness
  7. Natural Resources, Geospatial
  8. Transport
  9. Digital unions / Democracy / Citizenship / Activism (this post)

A big challenge is how to get all the voices heard in a sensible way. Second is what mechanisms are reasonable to reach consensus on those voices. Thirdly is how to empower those voices to take the relevant actions on those in power. So this list is separated into these three functions.

should this post be a blog or a wiki? Probably a wiki.

Why Mastodon is cool:

Collective-choice arrangements

Commons organisations

Communia – “COMMUNIA advocates for policies that expand the public domain and increase access to and re-use of culture and knowledge”

Creative Commons Global Network

D3 Association – Defense of Digital Rights.

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