Huussi conference – Finland

Some resources and notes from the dry toilet conference in Tampere, Finland, 22 to 24 August 2018. My presentation is on this post.

Fun fact, ‘huussi’ is outhouse in Finnish. It reminds me of the Afrikaans ‘huisie’ – little house.

Another fun fact, one way of greeting is ‘Moi’, which reminds me of the Afrikaans ‘mooi’ – beautiful. So it feels like I’m walking around saying everyone is beautiful. Kiitos is thank you.

All the presentations can be downloaded here:

From the Expo, three companies with nifty toilet designs:

Brochure (pdf, 4 MB)

Pikku vihrea (tr: little green)
Brochure (pdf, 2 MB)

Brochure (pdf, 8 MB)

The book “Inspiring stories from Ecovillages: Experiences with ecological technologies and practices” is really useful. The inside cover says that a free sample copy can be obtained from the website but I can’t find it there.


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