Magicverse and urban resilience

The Fortnite, Water and the Metaverse post was barely cold when a friend sent me this article about Magic Leap, under the leadership of Rony Abovitz, and their Magicverse. 

From the Magic Leap blog: “The Magicverse is an Emergent System of Systems bridging the physical with the digital, in a large scale, persistent manner within a community of people. “

“Essentially, Magic Leap envisions a future in which any location — ranging from a room to a whole country — has not only a physical presence, but also a digital one that takes the form of various layers. One layer might focus on health and wellness, for example, and another on entertainment, and still another on mobility.”

magicverse layers

Some choice quotes from the Venturebeat article which in turn quotes from the Magic Leap blog that I think applies to my AquaSavvy game ideas:

“It can also become a fabric that binds a community together through shared public services. Spatial computing creates the power of place, of physicality with digital together. “

“It supports individuals and enterprises across an exhaustive set of applications and use cases that naturally deserve to exist spatially in harmony with our physical environments.”

“The Magicverse of a specific place (ex: a city) also defines a communal value for the digital resources of that place and community, in the same way that a physical place may [be defined by] important natural resources and geography. “

” The balanced distribution of power and control, central to democratic principles, will be key to the sustainability of Magicverse.”

And, just, wow: “Some dream of travelling to outer space, and to colonize other planets to preserve the human race. These are noble pursuits, and they capture the imagination. At Magic Leap, we see life here on earth as our first priority. There are endless problems we currently face: economic disparity, poor distribution of global healthcare quality, culture, misunderstanding, climate change, and war. To the extent possible, our goal is to develop the Magicverse to address some of those issues by amplifying human capability, affording greater economic possibilities, creating new forms of proactive healthcare, enabling creative joy and wonder, expanding the surface area and efficacy of human communication, and to embrace our physical world and who we are as a first principle. “

Next up, start playing:

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