Raw html in worldpress for d3.

YAAASSS!!! What? No, it just worked! Nooooooo

Using the Raw HTML plugin, and the raw/raw tags, I put in my html code for my sankey flow diagram. In preview, it worked! But once I published it, it didn’t.  The good news is that I know the code works. The bad news is it looks like either wordpress or this plugin is buggy – and its page warns about this. So I went to have a cuppa tea (in lieu of a frustrated cry), and now I’m going to try other raw html plugins.

Deactivating all other plugins that do this (just in case), trying Raw HTML Snippets (found via sitesparker) which I guess is much like the Wp-d3 plugin. Doesn’t do the donut, and gets the same result as the raw html – the text is there but not the actual sankey.

Next, Insert HTML Snippet.  This still isn’t working, but the plugin is really well designed and user friendly, worth more investigation.

Last, Shortcoder. Nope, same problem, and slightly confusing to use. So I’m re-activating the wp-d3, pageview, Insert HTML Snippet and raw html plugins. and I’m wondering if I should just spend the bucks to get the pro raw html version, will that help me? Pondering.

ok, wait, before I try figuring out PayPal (I despise paypal), let’s do the raw thing again, staying well clear of the visual interface.

All right! Shit’s weird and the sankey doesn’t seem to be working 100%, but it’s progress! So for now let’s try optimise it and not touch the visual editor. I’ll probably buy this anyways, if it’s making my life easier and I don’t see any decent alternatives at the moment.

Wastewater Biorefinery Sankey diagram: Bacterial Bioreactor Carbon flows

From formatted JSON, using Malcolm MacLean's book. To Do: Write macro to export values from .xls sheet into csv and update .htm file with a click of a button - better user interface. To do: Change font to sans serif. To do: Change position of labels to beneath blocks? To do: Influence colours of blocks?

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