Highlighting good posts to show what I mean when I say “metaverse”

I’m not getting around to write the good blogs, so for now here’s a link dump on things I think would work well in a metaverse context.

For me, the metaverse is layers upon layers of structured, cross-linked, interconnected data.

Argh, still going down rabbit holes and deep dives into the links, so here’s the links, only the links, and nothing but the links, and then I get fuzzy after that. Also, still in draft, perpetually, as per usual.

The right balance between explanation and exploration lays the foundation for true learning.

Further points include: engagement, context and layering.

<picture of sweet spot>

“oversimplifying scientific data actually detracts from its value in an educational setting.” This links to the “Complicating the narrative” idea that I think comes from Carol Gilligan.

Switching from a mentality of “providing answers” to one of “provoking questions” is central to successful inquiry-based learning.

the visualization must reveal the heart of the scientific data’s truths clearly, but it must also layer lessons in front of that final conclusion in a way that challenges the learner without making them want to give up.

I’m scared of saying what I want to build is education, or science, or “for good” generally because that so often becomes boring, ugly, a bad product. But I guess at the heart of it, it is about education, and scientific inquiry. Perhaps I can describe what I want to do as a game about urban metabolism, where the focus is less, not more. It’s about local (urban) planning, but not exclusively by professionals. It intends to give everyday people, along with activist groups, insights into the complexities of how to make a city, or an area, function, what levers to engage with to enforce, or change legislation.

What better way to layer than a 3D world? Aka the metaverse?

<magicverse pic again>

“open-ended application of the insights”

Bunch on links on real-world in games:


making grounded immersive experiences, experiences based around the real world, has significantly different values, cultures, and technologies than making computer-generated fantasy-based ones.

Micromobility and the metaverse:

 if you’re going to wear a helmet, why not make it a smart helmet? And if you’re gonna wear a smart helmet, why not make it so exciting and interesting that you will want to do so?
A helmet with a smart visor that augments reality as you sail around a city could not only make riders more aware of their surroundings and potentially safer, but it can also unlock experiences and get people outside and moving.

See also: https://arxiv.org/abs/2301.06991: Metamobility: Connecting Future Mobility with Metaverse (2023), where the image below comes from. This has a lot of potential, for good, but also for bad and just stupid, and why limit this to cars, or consumerist things? What about people in general, and public transport? What about privacy? This needs to be open source, the code needs to be able to evaluated. But the concept as a whole? Sign me up.

I’m not convinced about augmented reality helmets while you’re moving, but I would like asynchronous augmentation. Log places I’ve been to when I tap the side of the helmet, for example, so I can revisit and reflect back home.

A previous article talking about Niantic’s game ..

And this one talking about Peridot which I enjoy. I don’t like the AR component, I don’t see the point, but I do like the step-counting Tamagotchi revamp.


Niantic is trying to differentiate Peridot by concentrating on its coziness instead of the chase-and-capture mechanics of Pokémon Go. Cozy video games, like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, became popular during the coronavirus pandemic by focusing less on violence and competition and more on nurturing an animal or an entire farm. The repetitive actions rewarded consistency over joystick skill and offered a soothing, comforting vibe.

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